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Q: What would be the perfect outfit to pair Totwoo with?

We love the casual style so the perfect outfit to pair with totwoo is a denim (total denim or just jeans with a tshirt) 

Q: If you could pick anyone in the world to sinc you jewelry with, and use the “magical connection” with them, who would it be and why? 

We would probably connect our jewels with one person who inspire us. That person could be Gigi hadid or Josephine skriver because we like their healthy lifestyle and their fashion

Q: What is your favourite place in the world and why?

Our favorite place in the world is a place we haven’t been yet. We imagine this place on a beach with golden sand and crystal clear blue waters, a small cottage house, calm music and palm trees away from everything just us and our family ! 

Q: What is your favourite thing to do for fun?

Our favorite thing to do for fun is cooking and reading books (we love reading books) 

Q: Who would you say is the person you spend the most time with?

We spend our whole life keeping company to each other cause we are identical twins and our bond is very strong . No one can break us apart!!! 

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