Why named Andy?

Andy means “warrior” in ancient Greek, which means being manly and brave. Also, Andy is a man of human form and childlike innocence. He has a happy, easygoing, honest and honest character.

Andy’s Diary

Hello, I’m Andy, the robot. That’s the first day of 2219. Caser is my good friend. After 20 years of guarding her, she has grown into the most beautiful and strong girl in the city, and I have become the first robot facing retirement in the city.

If I could have the power to reverse time, I would not like to experience this reincarnation again, because my biggest wish is that Caser can grow into her present appearance. I know I’ll say goodbye to her one day. It’s just that I’m looking forward to the day when time slows down.

From now on, let me guard you with another identity! I will always be there for you.

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