FOREVER Pendant Smart Jewelry

The silver ring circled like a clock plate which signifies the flowing time. The quie and profound amethyst in the center is as constant as “time”. Great memories with you.

18K gold-plated sterling silver & amethyst
Pendant diameter, 24.5mm
Adjustable chain, 45-50cm

SKU: 6970340311002 Category:
  • Memory
  • Custom Flash
  • Call Notification
  • App Notification
  • Gift Message
  • Daily horoscope
  • Steps Tracking
  • Break Reminder

Design Process

The first jewelery in the world combining intangible cultural heritage with smart technology. Chinese famous traditional filigree master Li Zhengyun work together with Totwoo’s designer Marco Dal Maso for this collection. All products is handmade and inset with a beautiful gemstone.


Packaging & Accessories

  • Charger * 1
  • Charger Cable * 1
  • Manual * 1

Battery Usage

The “Totwoo Inside” in the jewerly uses a rechargeable lithium battery following international standards. The battery is made by the supplier forApple and Samsung.

Depending on usage, Totwoo should last 48-72 hours before needing to be charged.

Charging time: Approx. 1 hour to fully charge

See How It Works

Totwoo Functions

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