MOMENT Selfie Remote Zircon Necklace


“Be happy for this moment”

MOMENT Treasure Silver Necklace

  • Silver titanium steel
  • Natural Fritillaria
  • Zircon

Design concept

The moment series is inspired by the famous line of the 11th century Iranian scientific poet Omar hayam: “to be happy for this moment, this moment is your life”.

Under the exquisite necklace made of natural Fritillaria, there is a Totwoo smart core. The girl can remotely control the mobile phone camera by touching the necklace.

Totwoo hope this necklace can capture the girl’s most beautiful moment and record every happy moment in her life. A small diamond is set in the pendant to show “the moment is precious”.



Rose-golden steel with natural mother of pearl inlaid with one small diamond.

“Be happy for this moment” on the back to reminds us to cherish every moment in our life.

Button battery, no need to charge

There are 6 button batteries in each package, which can be replaced at any time without daily charging

Selfie Remote

After Bluetooth is connected to the mobile phone, open any app photographing software:

  • Touch the pendant to flash, and after 1 s delay, you can finish the selfie at will.
  • Support IOS and Android system.
  • Support most of the mobile phone app photography software, system camera, beauty camera.

Tech Specs

Product Details:

Product Name: MOMENT Selfie Remote Zircon Necklace

Applicable for: Female

Product Model: MT02-YS

Water Resistance: Waterproof; The Jewelry is not recommended to touch water

Connection: Bluetooth 5.0

Compatibility: IOS & Android system


Stainless steel, Natural Mother of Pearl,  Zircon


40cm+_5cm adjustable

Battery Life

15-30 days according to your usage.

Packaging & accessories

Button Battery *1, Smart Jewelry * 1, User Manual*1. Box*1, Handbag*1

How Totwoo Works?

totwoo sun moon battery
Additional information
Size for Women

One size (40+5cm)