Morse Code Couple Necklaces (2 items)

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Let you feel my love – A Morse code rhythm of LOVE will send to your significant ones every time you tap the necklace.

What is in the Set?

Morse Code Prince Necklace

– Stainless steel

Morse Code Snow White Necklace

– White Cubic Zirconia & Stainless steel


  • Long-distance remote sensing ( Love rhythm )
  • Love code couple chat
  • Steps tacking
  • Call notification
  • Custom alert
  • Private diary

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Design concept

Embedded the morse code love into lovers’ jewelry, hoping to become the exclusive honeyed words between lovers. When they tap the necklace every time, love flashes and vibrates on the other half’s necklace through the rhythm of the morse code. Remind the other half that love is always with them.

morse code necklaces


morse code necklaces

Long – distance Connection

A Morse code rhythm of LOVE will send to your significant ones every time you tap the necklace.

After pairing Totwoo couple necklaces in the app, no matter in the same city or in a different place, if one person tap the necklace, the necklace from other person will flash and vibrates.

Send your love and miss in a romantic way.

Beyond Beauty

All reminders can be set with their own colors, so that we can distinguish important contacts by the color of the call display. Also, there are breathing lights in the necklace which can be used to increase the mood in the required scenes

morse code necklaces
steps tracking

Steps Tracking

The couple necklaces can calculate the steps and consumed calories without binding mobile phone, so it will not be cumbersome when running.

Keep healthy and be happy!

Selfie Remote

The couple necklaces provides remote photo taking function, opens the camera interface, taps jewelry to take selfie.

Sometimes it’s inconvenient to take photos with both hands, and the selfie pole is too heavy. Those can help you take picture of your daily wear and all happy moments.

morse code necklaces
morse code necklaces

Reminder function

When the necklace is connected to the mobile phone, you can set various reminders so that we don’t miss important information.

  • Call reminder
  • APP reminder
  • Calendar

Tech Specs

Product Details:

Product Name: Morse Code Couple Necklaces

Applicable for: Male & Female

Product Model: Men: LE01-HS;  women LE02-YB

Water Resistance: Waterproof; The Jewelry is not recommended to touch the water

Connection: Smart wireless syncing

Compatibility: IOS & Android system

couple necklaces


Men: Stainless steel; Women: White Cubic Zirconia & Stainless steel


Wireless Charger with USB cable.


Both one size

Battery Life

24 – 48 hours according to your usage.


Vibration and 10 colors flashlight

Packaging & accessories

Charger * 2, Charger Cable * 2, Smart Jewelry * 2, User Manual*2

How Totwoo Works?

Question & Answers

Q: How to make payment?

A: You can choose PayPal or with a credit card.

Q: How soon can I receive the product?

A: 7-10 days, but the actual period depends on the condition of delivery.

If there is no stock, we will dispatch the product as soon as possible.

Q: How do I track my order?

A: After payment, you will receive an order confirmation email;

The tracking number will be in the second email after shipping.

Q: Is Totwoo jewelry waterproof?

A: The technology core is waterproof, but better keep the jewelry dry to make sure the jewelry keep shining.

Q: How to charge the jewelry?

A: Connect the jewelry charger and the computer with a USB charging line after you get the jewelry.

Q: How do you start using jewelry?

A: Totwoo App is available in Google and Apple Store, register and follow the procedure to link with the jewelry.

Additional information
Size for Women

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Size for Unisex

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