Wonderland – Starry Sky Necklace


Make a wish and store in the form of text, photo, audio, or video in the product and shared is to your social media. Call your friend to boost your wish and make it come true. Be lucky!

  • Italian Murano stained glass
  • Cubic zircon


  • Wish – social interactive
  • Steps tracking
  • Selfie remote
  • Call & App notification
  • Custom alert
  • 10-color flash

Design concept

Marco, the designer, said that there is a story in his hometown Venice. When making a wish in front of the church window, if there is light to illuminate the window, the wish will come true. It’s hard to see the church now, but we always have a lot of wishes, so designers associate this ancient Western transit protection culture with modern intelligent technology.

The pattern on the surface is called Murano. It’s Venetian hand-painted glass. It’s also an Italian handicraft that has been followed for 1500 years. Totwoo designs this ancient element as a pendant to wear around, which means that all good wishes can be achieved.

Totwoo murano necklace


Totwoo murano necklace

Make a Wish and Make It Come True 

A wish can be stored in the form of text, photo, audio, or video in the necklace.  Upload your wishes and memories into the product, collect flashes from all your friends and family.

Steps Tracking

The necklace can calculate the steps and consumed calories without binding mobile phone, so it will not be cumbersome when running.

Keep healthy and be happy!

Totwoo murano necklace
Totwoo murano necklace

Selfie Remote

The necklace provides remote photo taking function, opens the camera interface, taps jewelry to take selfie.

Sometimes it’s inconvenient to take photos with both hands, and the selfie pole is too heavy. Necklace can help you take picture of your daily wear and all happy moments.

Reminder function

When the necklace is connected to the mobile phone, you can set various reminders so that we don’t miss important information.

  • Call reminder
  • APP reminder
  • Calendar
Totwoo murano necklace

Tech Specs

Product Details:

Product Name: Wonderland – Starry Sky Necklace

Applicable for: Female

Product Model: WL02

Water Resistance: Waterproof; The Jewelry is not recommended to touch water

Connection: Bluetooth 4.0

Compatibility: IOS & Android system

italian necklace


Italian Murano glass& Cubic zircon


Wireless Charger with USB cable.


For Women: One Size

Battery Life

24 – 48 hours according to your usage.


Vibration and 10 colors flashlight

Packaging & accessories

Charger * 1, Charger Cable * 1, Smart Jewelry * 1, User Manual*1.

How Totwoo Works?

Additional information
Size for Women

Extra Small-15cm (5.91 inches), Small-17cm (6.69 inches), Medium-18cm (7.09 inches)