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Totwoo is the world’s leading smart jewellery that helps you to stay healthy and connects you to your special ones. By tapping or shaking the jewellery, it lets you express your emotions and create that magical moment.

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'totwoo' CODE

Pair up your TOTWOO jewelry and send special code by simply tapping it. Express your emotions anytime, any where.


Set up your personalized flash and vibration of jewelry to notify you the important call.


When you switch on the ‘shinning mode’, the jewelry will continuously flash, so that you instantly become the focus of the PARTY.


It can automatically calculate your daily walk and consumed calories. Once your target is achieved, it will congratulate you.


It can determine your status and remind you after prolonged sitting.


First,think about things that you need to make a decision on.Then,shake or knock on the jewelry while staying on this page.The app will show you the result.

Award Winning

Italian Designer

Designer and Co-Founder Marco Dal Maso is a world renowned jewellery designer. Born into the prestigious DML family in Italy, Marco learned the art of jewellery making from his father. Marco drew his inspiration from travelling, writing and sketching, his creations are aimed to empower their wearers with the sense of being alive. Marco’s jewellery is widely sold on some of the most prestigious departmental stores in the world. In 2015 Marco co-founded and launched the revolutionary smart jewellery project, Totwoo which is poised to become the world’s leading smart wear of its kind.


A Beautiful Mind

Totwoo is the world’s first jewelry brand that makes use of wearable technology to express emotion. Co-founded by Wang Jieming, a mobile internet entrepreneur and Marco Dal Maso, a renowned jewellery designer, it first debut in Milan in 2015. Equipped with the distinctive functions of “body and emotion” care, Totwoo is a pedometer, calorie consumption calculator, sedentary reminder and UV monitor all-in-one. It could also communicate with other paired jewelry-wearers by tapping or shaking the jewelry.

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The Golden Touch

Let your emotions come forth with a perfect combination of luxury and technology, paired with magnificent Swarovski Crystals for additional glamour. Necklaces are made of Swarovski crystals and gold plated 925 silver.

Necklace, Swarovski Crystals Category
Crafting Elegance

We Bloom Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Collection. Inspired by floral bloom, the collection features a range of intricately designed bracelets, made of Swarovski crystals and gold plated 925 silver.

Bracelet, Swarovski Crystals Category
A Style Like No Other

In our modern era, fall in love with a pleasing and practical piece, incrusted with our most scintillant gems, as to truly fit every aspect of your life. Necklaces are made of precious gemstones on gold plated 925 silver.

Gemstone Category, Necklace
Eternal Shine

We Bloom Precious Gemstone Bracelet Collection. Inspired by floral bloom, the collection features a range of intricately designed bracelets, made of precious gemstones and silver/gold plated 925 silver.

Bracelet, Gemstone Category

It connects me to my loved ones, as if I could feel their heart beat.

It reminds me that I'm not alone, that someone, somewhere is thinking of me.

Every girl needs a diamond. Well, but not any diamond, a smart one.


Each Totwoo jewelry is packed in an uniquely designed charging box. Black matte box is like a cool pebble, and the white box with a mirror is just like a portable exquisite puff cake box.


A fully charged built-in 500 mA/h battery can charge a pendant 20 times, or even provide around 15% emergency charge for a cell phone!


The smart box charges the jewelry wirelessly. We make sure you stay in style even when charging your Totwoo.

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