Love and Connection

TOTWOO’s collections vibrate and light up in response to the user’s interactions; two connected users can share their “virtual emotions” in real-time by slightly tapping jewelry, after linking their devices through the TOTWOO App.

Multi-functional Jewelry

TOTWOO’s collections also offer a series of practical functions such as saving your memories or gift messages into jewelry, triggering your phone to take a photo, and make a wish. Other Personal care features like “Menstruation Reminder”, “Hydration Reminder” , “Break Reminder” and “Steps Tracking” will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and get organized.



Award Winning


The founder, Jieming Wang listed in 100 Most Innovative Businessman in China by FAST COMPANY
The co-founder, Marco Dal Maso Italian uprising jewelry designer, several jewelry design awards winner.

A Beautiful Mind

Totwoo is the world’s first jewelry brand that makes use of wearable technology to express emotion. Totwoo first debut in Milan in 2015. Totwoo is not only a pedometer, calorie consumption calculator, sedentary reminder and call reminder. The spirit of Totwoo is to express the trational meaning of jewelry, such as love, fortune, memory, wish,  by a future technology way. It could also communicate with other paired jewelry-wearers by tapping the jewelry.Today, Totwoo has been the smart jewelry brand which owns the most functions and designs in the world.Totwoo is unique, beautiful,romantic and meaningful.