General Information

How to purchase from Totwoo online store?

1. Select a wanted product.

2. Click “View Cart” or “checkout” (Apply a coupon if you have got one).

3. Fill in the billing information and check out with Paypal or a credit card.

4. After finishing the payment, you will receive an order confirmation email within 48 hours. If you have not received the email, please contact us.

5. It usually takes 3 working days to prepare for shipping, after the item shipped, we will send you the tracking code to your Email address.

Do I need an APP to use Totwoo smart jewelry? Where to download?

Yes, APP connection is necessary. Please go to Support-APP Download.

How could I choose the right size for my bracelet?

Please watch our guide video Totwoo Operation Video at YouTube channel.

How long would Totwoo’s battery last?

Depending on usage, Totwoo should last 48-72 hours before needing to be charged.
Charging time: Around 1 hour to fully charge.

For Always collection  and Moment collection,  the battery should last 7-14 days. After it, you can change it.

The battery is international standard model CR1225

Is there any guides for each function application?

Please watch our guide video Totwoo Operation Video at YouTube channel.

How to use Totwoo smart jewelry?

Simply download Totwoo APP and complete bluetooth connection with your mobile phone according to prompts. Then start to enjoy fun.

Is Totwoo water-proof?

Please try to avoid water contact for jewelry maintenance.

How to measure my bracelet size?

Method 1.

a. Use your USB Cable to wrap your wrist and find a pen to make a mark . Then the total length is clear.

b. Make a comparison to iphone 7Plus (it also works on all Plus series) to see what is your right size based on comparison chart.

Method 2.

Simply use the measuring tape to measure your accurate size.

Having problems connecting jewelry to mobile phone?

1) Make sure your jewelry has enough power, tap it to see if it flashes with blue light, if no power, please charge it.

2) Please make sure you turn on your bluetooth always.

3) Make sure you keep our bracelet and phone within a distance of 3 meters whenever you try to connect them via bluetooth.

4) Important Step:  Please go to your phone Settings– Bluetooth— My devices, then find TWO20, click Forget this device.

5) After ensuring the above operation no problem, then go on to the next try:

Turn off phone bluetooth, and wait for 10 s, then turn on bluetooth, try to connect to your jewelry again.

If this does not work still, kill your APP and turn on again, then try to connect again.

If this still fails, turn off your phone and restart it, then try to connect again.

I’m using Android phone and I could not connect it to my jewelry, or my jewelry could not flash or vibrate in response to my paired one, how to fix this?

Please read the guide Critical system settings in the Totwoo APP and follow the steps.

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Please feel free to submit your questions here if you could not find answers in our FAQ channel, our team will send you reponse shortly.