What is totwoo?

Totwoo is the world’s leading smart jewelry brand. Totwoo provides “invisible care” that enables its wearer to stay healthy and stay connected with style and love.

What difference among Totwoo smart jewelry,ordinary jewelry and other wearable device?

Totwoo smart jewelry combines jewelry design with “totowo smart core”. It created a totally new jewelry category. It is also different from ordinary wearable device depending on its jewelry feature and the focus on ” love and luck”.

What is Totwoo smart jewelry made of?

The first collection “We Bloom” of Towoo smart jewelry are made of gold plated s925 Silver set with Swarovski crystal or semi-precious stones.


Today it is the only smart jewelry made of silver in the world. In the future, totwoo will provide different design with different material.


Totwoo’s stones are sourced from around the world. We are committed to providing our customers with ethically mined gemstones. Totwoo only works with suppliers that state they use conflict free stones and responsible sourcing and cooperate with big luxuary brands.


In addition, there are over 40 components that make up the tech inside Totwoo which is called “totwoo smart core”.

What Totwoo can provide for me?

Totwoo functions will always upgrade. At present, the functions include:

  • Totwoo message
    Pair with a friend in totwoo app first. You can send a “totwoo message” to the friend through app or by clapping the jewelry twice to share your feeling at the moment, for example, I miss you, I’m sorry, I’m here and so on. If your friend has a Totwoo jewelry, the jewelry will blink blue and vibrate. If the friend does not have jewelry, his or her totwoo APP will also receive the message. Now people can also send or receive “totwoo message” through iWatch and smart watch with Android wear system.
  • Steps tracking
    Walking is the best activity. Totwoo can automatically record your daily steps and consumed calories. You may set your daily goal in the APP. Once your goal is achieved, Totwoo jewelry will change to green and vibrate to congratulate you.
  • Stand up reminding
    Inactivity goes against health. Totwoo knows your inactivity time. You can set the reminding time in the APP. Your mobile phone will push a notification to you to remind you stand up and make a movement.
  • UV monitoring
    Not only strong UV light is harmful to skin. Totwoo can determine the UV intensity in real time. You just need to put the “heart” of the jewelry towards the sunlight, tap the START in APP, and then you can get the UV index data in real time. The APP will give you corresponding recommendations on sunscreen. (This function is only available for some jewelry). But even if active detection is not made, the APP will also automatically send the hourly outdoor UV index to you.
  • Yes or No
    You can shake Totwoo to see the answer from APP when you want to make a decision.
  • Shinning mode: When you open the “shinning mode” in the APP, the jewelry will automatically blink blue and green. The best fashion goods in party!
Is Totwoo waterproof?

Totwoo is not water-proof, but is splash-proof. We don’t recommend getting it soaking wet so you should avoid activities such as swimming, showering, or washing dishes. It should not be fully submerged in water, but it can tolerate a splash, such as when you wash your hands.


Which platforms and devices does Totwoo support?

Totwoo supports both iOS and Android users.
iOS: iPhone 5 and newer Must run iOS 8 or above   Android: Android devices running Android 4.3 or above

How do I set up my Totwoo?
  • Download the Totwoo App from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Upon opening the app, sign up by entering your phone number (we will never leak it or use it for any other purpose). Please fill in the confirmation code from your SMS. If not received the SMS, try again or check if some special setting in your phone intercepted the SMS from software like Totwoo.
  • Ensure Bluetooth on your smartphone is switched on.
  • Proceed with activating your Totwoo by placing it on the charger pins. Keep your Totwoo next to your phone and follow the onscreen instructions. Please Note: Make sure there are no other Totwoo nearby – otherwise you won’t be able to pair with Bluetooth.
  • Once connected, your Totwoo will shine to confirm.
  • Congratulations! Your Totwoo is now registered to the app and you may now follow the in-app tutorials to begin setting up your personal profiles.

Note: You can un-pair your stone if you need to.

Why does Totwoo jewelry need bind or unbind with APP?

Totwoo is your personal jewelry. It can only be used after you bind it with totwoo app in your phone. You need unbind Totwoo with the the APP first if the other person will use your Totwoo jewelry. All info in your Totwoo will be deleted if it is bound with a new phone. Make sure that you unbind Totwoo if you give Totwoo to another person as a gift. Otherwise he/she can not use your Totwoo.

What do the shinning and vibration of Totwoo suggest?

The functions is always updating. Now ,it means as following:
1. There is always slight vibration and blue light when you clap Totwoo twice or shake Totwoo. You can test if the battery of Totwoo good. It can also suggests that a “totwoo message” is successfully sent to your friend if you paired with a fiend through totwoo app.
2. When suddenly your Totwoo blink blue and rapidly vibrates, it means that you have received a “totwoo message” sent by your friend.
3. After you achieve your daily walking goal, the jewelry will blink green and vibrate.
4. When you monitor the UV index using jewelry, and if the real-time UV index will cause damage to your skin, the jewelry will blink red and vibrate.
5. When you open the “shinning mode” in the app, the jewelry will automatically blink blue and green.
6. You can switch on or off the shinning and vibration mode in the APP.

What is the range of communication between Totwoo and my mobile device? Has Totwoo radiation?

It depends on a number of factors, but on average Totwoo will work round 3 meters from your phone.

Is using the Totwoo secure?

Absolutely. Totwoo uses industry standard encryption to keep your data safe and secure. Totwoo uses Bluetooth low-Energy (BLE) so the radiation can be negligible.

Can my Totwoo’s functionality be updated after I receive it?

Yes, both the products and the app will be updated periodically with additional features and improvements.

How long can Totwoo be used?

Depending on usage, your Totwoo bracelet should last 48-72 hours before needing to be recharged.

How does my Totwoo charge?

Your Totwoo necklace comes in its very own box that doubles as a charger. Place your necklace in its box, and plug into a USB outlet to start charging. Your Totwoo will blink red while charging, and should take 1 hour to fully charge. The necklace box does have its own battery that should last over a month without needing to plug it in. The box can even be used as portable power source for mobile phone.

Your bracelet comes with a custom USB charger; plug into a USB outlet to start charging.

Can the battery be replaced?

The battery in your bracelet is not replaceable, but the custom USB charger can be replaced if you are encountering difficulties with charging.

Does it take much of a toll on battery life to use Bluetooth on my phone?

All phone Totwoo can connect with use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). BlE is designed to enable devices with low power consumption. The power of the phone will be little consumed even if BLE is turned on long time

Use problems

Why can’t my totwoo connect to the phone?
  1. The battery of totwoo may drain out. Please check whether totwoo still has any power left by tapping totwoo twice . If there is blue light blinking and the totwoo is vibrating, it hasn’t drained out. Otherwise, it has run out of power.
  2. The phone and totwoo may get disconnected if the distance is too far away. Totwoo made of silver is connected to the phone by Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the valid distance of which is around 3 meters. Please resume the distance between the phone and totwoo within 3 meters.
  3. The Bluetooth in your phone may be disabled or your phone doesn’t support Bluetooth 4.0. Please make sure your phone is iPhone 4S and above, or devices based on Android 4.4 and above. And most importantly the Bluetooth in the phone is enabled.
  4. Currently totwoo only supports one to one connection. If it has been connected with other phones, please disconnect them.
  5. Your phone system may have disabled the connection of totwoo. The smart phone system will sometimes automatiicaly shut down the connection between exterior Bluetooth devices and the phone in order to spare unnecessary memory occupation.
  6. The Bluetooth of the phone has problem (rare occasion).
What should I do if the totwoo can’t be connected to the phone?

Generally totwoo will re-connect itself if it got disconnected. If it’s not, please have a try with the following methods:

  1. Please make sure there is enough power in the totwoo.. Otherwise charge it.
  2. Please make sure the phone supports Bluetooth 4.0 and the distance between the phone and totwoo is within valid communication distance (3 meters).
  3. Please move away other phones from totwoo and open the App to see if it’s connected.
  4. Please disable Bluetooth for about 10 seconds, then enable it and see if it’s connected by checking the App.
  5. Please reboot the App.
  6. If the problem persists, please contact the customer service for help.
How to do when Totwoo has no lights and vibration?

Make sure that Totwoo has enough power.

There the situation of “Notifications” setting in the APP, please check if “shinning and vibration” have been turned off.

How to do if totwoo is not charged?
  1. Charging box has run out of power. Plug it in and charge it.
    2. Charging pin misalignment. Try again;

3, Make sure you have removed insulting film on the back of jewelry before you charge it.
4. If still not charging, please contact customer service.

How to do if I can’t receive the confirmation code while sign in?
  1. Make sure if the signal of your phone is too weak.
  2. Check if you filled in the correct country code
  3. Applied for the confirmation code too many times. Wait for a while and try again.
  4. Contact Totwoo Customer team.
How to maintain a gold plated jewelry

Gold plated jewelry is made by covering a base metal with a very thin layer of gold, compared to other types of metal, this is more reactive. So it is necessary to protect the gold plated by following our tips below:

  • Be sure to keep gold plated items away from water, soaps, makeup and perfumes. Take off your jewelry before washing or bathing.
  • Keep it away from hard surfaces, even a light scratch will cause the layer to wear away fast
  • Clean it gently with soft cloth or an appropriate jewelry cleaner, this could help to eliminate any dirt or dust which will wear away the layer on the jewelry surface.
  • When not wearing your jewelry, store it in a dry place or wrap with soft material.
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