We Bold Couple Necklaces (2 items)


We hope that all lovers have a brave heart and are willing to go to the unknown future together with the one we love. There may be many difficulties and challenges in the future, but with courage, you will be ready.

The half circle design on pendant looks like one spontaneous hug – the embrace of two people forms a whole.

What is in the couple necklace set?

We Bold – Pioneer White Necklace

– Stainless steel & White agate

We Bold – Knight Black Necklace

– Stainless steel & Black Agate


  • Long-distance remote sensing
  • Love code chat
  • Steps tacking
  • Call notification
  • App notification
  • Break Reminder

*If you want to change it into two black or two white, please note when placing the order


Design concept

In the famous love triangle theory, all love experiences are made up of three elements: passion, intimacy and commitment. It takes a lot of courage to pursue this kind of love. The side of the jewelry quotes designer Marco’s favorite words. “Fortune only patronizes brave people” in latin. The pendant of the necklace is inlaid with chain links and agate. There is a small red heart design on the back. The men and women’s styles are folded together perfectly to symbolize a warm hug.

Couple necklaces


couple necklaces

Long – distance Connection

Double tap to send “I miss you” ; Triple tap to send “I love you”

Every time you receive the miss from my family, love and friends, the necklace will flash and vibrate. No matter how far away it is, every miss can be delivered to you in time.

Beyond Beauty

All reminders can be set with their own colors, so that we can distinguish important contacts by the color of the call display. Also, there are breathing lights in the necklace which can be used to increase the mood in the required scenes

couple necklaces
steps tracking

Steps Tracking

The couple bracelets can calculate the steps and consumed calories without binding mobile phone, so it will not be cumbersome when running.

Keep healthy and be happy!

Selfie Remote

The necklace provides remote photo taking function, opens the camera interface, taps jewelry to take selfie.

Sometimes it’s inconvenient to take photos with both hands, and the selfie pole is too heavy. Those can help you take picture of your daily wear and all happy moments.

couple necklaces
couple necklaces

Reminder function

When the necklace is connected to the mobile phone, you can set various reminders so that we don’t miss important information.

  • Call reminder
  • APP reminder
  • Calendar

Tech Specs

Product Details:

Product Name: Totwoo Couple Necklaces (2 items)

Applicable for: Male & Female

Product Model: Men:WD03-KH;  Women: WD03-RY 

Water Resistance: Waterproof; The Jewelry is not recommended to touch water

Connection: Bluetooth 4.0

Compatibility: IOS & Android system

Totwoo couple necklace


For Men: Agate, Stainless steel, For Women: Agate, Stainless steel


Wireless Charger with USB cable.



Battery Life

24 – 48 hours according to your usage.


Vibration and 10 colors flashlight

Packaging & accessories

Charger * 2, Charger Cable * 2, Smart Jewelry * 2, User Manual*2, Box *2

How Totwoo Works?

Additional information
Size for Women

One size – steel chain, One size – wax cord

Size for Unisex

One size – steel chain, One size – wax cord

Shipping & Delivery

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