Double the love for Totwoo

Being identical twins, Internet stars Maria and Alexandra Spanidou have an incredibly close and charming bond. They spend most of the time in each other’s company and as they told us no one can break them apart. They became popular on social media due to their unique charisma and mixed talents and gathered an impressive number of followers on both and Instagram. The gorgeous siblings publish both comedy and lip-sync videos to the musical platform while Instagram is for sensitive photoshoots and deep quotes on life. [gallery size="large" columns="1" ids="5639"] Both competitive swimmers, their first Instagram photo is taken from a 2012 national championship. They were born in Greece so there is no wonder their ideal place in the world would be “on a beach with golden sand and crystal clear blue waters, a small cottage house, calm music and palm trees away from everything just us and our family ! “ Often wearing...

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