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Totwoo Smart Jewelry: The Key Vendors Operating in 2020 Smart Necklace Market Space

Totwoo Smart Jewelry is named as the key vendors operating in 2020 Smart Necklace market space in the article of Market Watch In 2020, Totwoo Smart Jewelry come up with new collection - Morse code series. Full upgraded version core with new design!✨ This time, we embed the morse code of love into the necklaces of lovers, hoping that the rhythm will become the exclusive secret words between lovers, and have love in one’s heart forever. A Morse code rhythm and flash of LOVE will send to your significant ones every time you tap your necklace❤️ on What is in the Set? Morse Code Prince...

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Lucky Clover SILVER
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Totwoo launched“Luck Blessing”smart jewelry- Lucky Clover Collection at CES 2019

World’s leading smart jewelry brand TOTWOO launched its newest collection “Lucky Clover”at CES 2019 in Las Vegas on January 9th.  This is the world's first jewellery that combines wearable technology, mobile social networking and jewellery crafts to give the wearer a brand new“luck blessing” experience. The design appearance is a combination of the Chinese intangible craft -filigree inlay with the contemporary aesthetics.  It looks remarkably gorgeous when the flashes,beyond people's imagination of traditional wearable products.     It was the first time that Totwoo, founded in Milan in 2015, attended CES, the world's most anticipated innovation event.  In a crowd of consumer...

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