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New in: Totwoo E-Card

Preserve your precious memories with Totwoo E-card! Sending a thoughtful greeting card to accompany your Totwoo gift is easy and fun. If you wish to send one of our smart jewelry pieces as a present to your loved one, Totwoo lets you record a personal message to complement it. Totwoo has built a new in-App function that lets you create a personal greeting message for that special someone who will receive your gift. With E-card function you can upload a photo or prerecord an audio/video clip that will be stored in Totwoo database. To start making a personal e-card, the sender should open the personal center, shake their phone and see this secret function. [gallery size="large" columns="2" ids="5758,5755"] Making a Totwoo card is easy: just open the App E-card function and upload a photo, audio or video clip that you will use to customize your greeting card. The function enables you to add text and to preview your greeting card before selecting the...

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Double the love for Totwoo

Being identical twins, Internet stars Maria and Alexandra Spanidou have an incredibly close and charming bond. They spend most of the time in each other’s company and as they told us no one can break them apart. They became popular on social media due to their unique charisma and mixed talents and gathered an impressive number of followers on both and Instagram. The gorgeous siblings publish both comedy and lip-sync videos to the musical platform while Instagram is for sensitive photoshoots and deep quotes on life. [gallery size="large" columns="1" ids="5639"] Both competitive swimmers, their first Instagram photo is taken from a 2012 national championship. They were born in Greece so there is no wonder their ideal place in the world would be “on a beach with golden sand and crystal clear blue waters, a small cottage house, calm music and palm trees away from everything just us and our family ! “ Often wearing...

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Make a choice with Totwoo

Can’t decide? Totwoo helps you choose! Technology has become such an essential part in everyone’s life, it’s no wonder to see it involved in decision making. How many times have we not searched on Google answers to our existential dilemmas? Today, when we are expected to make so many decisions in a day from simple choosing matters to more complicated stuff we seek outside help. Our friends may not be available when we need them so we turn to our tech helpers for a quick aid.     If you have a Yes or No question, Totwoo will give you the much needed answer instantly. First, concentrate on the question, then gently shake or knock on the jewelry. Totwoo will make the decision for you and the answer will appear on your phone app. Works like magic every time! You can use it to choose from indulging with another piece of pie at desert...

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Smart Jewelry By Travelsize Supermodel

California-based fashion blogger Lauren Calaway tenaciously worked her way up the modelling industry despite being only 5 ‘ 2”, proving that looks and talent do wonders when combined with hard work and promoting skills. On her blog, titled after her nickname, she chronicles her style adventures ranging from dark bohemian to retro classic, from sultry athletic to city glam and everything in between. With an undeniable beauty and the ability to make any style look good Lauren is one of the fashion influencers that sparks a wide reaction with every post she makes on social media. An adventurous spirit Lauren’s favorite hobby is fire dancing so there is no wonder she ignites the admiration of so many people. We asked her to try one of our smart jewellery pieces and let her fans know about how she would envision the perfect outfit to go with her Totwoo necklace. A glamorous girl at...

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Love Lines of Communication

Communication is the first thing anyone can do to better their relationship and keep it growing strong. Distance is a huge inconvenience when it comes to keeping the flow going. It may be difficult but there’s many little ways to make the time apart easier… As you may have guessed, Totwoo has conveniently come up with a romantic way to facilitate the sharing between loved ones. We believe in making love more accessible and the “magical connection” function helps us, help you. Imagine your lover announcing the difficult news that he must leave overseas for a while. To cheer you up,  he surprises you with a beautiful piece from the weBloom collection. By wearing it, you will be wearing their heart with you at all times. Every time you miss him, you may reach up to his gift and make him aware of your longing. He will receive the message through his own...

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A Day With Totwoo

  The moment you open your eyes, and start thinking about the day ahead of you, Totwoo is there, waiting to start the day with you… The moment you step foot on the ground, it will notice your movement and start monitoring your daily activity. If you come back to bed and lazy it up, it is sure to let you know that you have been sitting for too long with a gentle reminder. You better listen to it before you get late for work! As you move around and go outside, Totwoo will be able to let you know about your UV exposure and recommend a strength of sunblock. Your health is important and Totwoo takes care of that for you, one less thing to worry about. Lunch time comes around and you’re not sure if you should indulge in that delicious looking piece of chocolate cake… Totwoo has been automatically calculating your...

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