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2# that long-distance couples should NOT DO

2# Not sharing Failure to share what you see and hear in your daily life can seriously upset the your lover. In fact, the most effective way to eliminate the sense of distance share all the thing surround you to your lover. Let the other person feel your happiness and understand your sadness. It's not easy for two people to fall in love at such a long - distance. More patience, more time, more understanding and communication.   Let this love be more connective and strong.

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1# that long-distance couples should NOT DO

1# Cold War The quarrel between couples is inevitable, and two completely independent people need to experience running-in after meeting each other. Communication is very important. When either side provokes the cold war, it is impossible to solve the contradiction by not communicating, not expressing his/her position and not responding. Especially for couples in long distance, they can only feel each other through words, simple pictures or videos. It is helpless to face the indifference of your lover. Two people who love each other will contact their lover in the right way. Enhance each other's feelings, to show your lover “I feel...

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