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Totwoo launched“Luck Blessing”smart jewelry- Lucky Clover Collection at CES 2019

World’s leading smart jewelry brand TOTWOO launched its newest collection “Lucky Clover”at CES 2019 in Las Vegas on January 9th.  This is the world’s first jewellery that combines wearable technology, mobile social networking and jewellery crafts to give the wearer a brand new“luck blessing” experience. The design appearance is a combination of the Chinese intangible craft -filigree inlay with the contemporary aesthetics.  It looks remarkably gorgeous when the flashes,beyond people’s imagination of traditional wearable products.



It was the first time that Totwoo, founded in Milan in 2015, attended CES, the world’s most anticipated innovation event.  In a crowd of consumer electronics that were linked to 5G, future cars, and folding screens, Totwoo made itself unique by integrating fashion technology, traditional craftsmanship and contemporary creativity in a stunning blend.

35 products were showcased in total under the themes of “Love, ” “Memory, ” and “Luck ” , making it the most number of smart jewelry collections ever presented at CES. The first collection of the Lucky series- Lucky Clover pendant was the world premiere,which attracted a lot of interest.


Mats Wang, the founder and CEO of TOTWOO, said at the launch ceremony that smart technology was mostly used to meet the demand for the innovation experience in people’s daily life.  While TOTWOO combined it with jewelry that best represented the emotional experience of individual, especially a woman.  Traditional jewelry had created a variety of beautiful meanings through materials and styling for thousands of years, and people used to enjoy it.  Smart technology had given such beautiful meanings a real sense of experience.


Like other products, the Lucky Clover pendant contains the built-in “Totwoo Inside” smart core.  By connecting to a specialized APP via Bluetooth, users can make a wish in the app, store it in jewelry, and share it to social networks. When any friend sees this wish and like it, the jewelry will flash colorfully and vibrate slightly, as if it is instantly blessed by luck, enabling the wearer to feel the real emotional experience and warm encouragement. The pendant also pushs the horoscope daily in the app according to the wearer’s birthday.  On the lucky day, the jewelry will automatically flash and vibrate as a reminder, on the basis of the relevant algorithm.  Moreover, it also has a number of practical features.


Wang said, in order to develop this new collection-Lucky Clover pendant,  it took his team a full year.  Totwoo adopted the traditional Chinese craft -filigree inlay and made the Clover , a western-recognized lucky object, as the design theme. 0.6mm silver thread was made in a loop , in the form of layers , combined with a hand-inlaid gemstone.  It turned out to be a magnificent masterpiece of fashion technology,and was praised as “the most beautiful wearable product ever seen”.  Wang said that “luck” is one of the most important elements for people to wear jewelry since ancient times.  With the smart technology and mobile social networking, it is now finally possible to have a sense of experience of “wear your jewelry and dreams will come true .” It is known that this newly launched collection will be available before the Chinese New Year at the end of January.


Created by famous Chinese Internet entrepreneur Mats Wang and Italian uprising jewelry designer Marco Dal Maso,TOTWOO has won numerous international awards in the fields . It is now the world’s most fashionable and feature-rich smart jewelry brand that has been mass produced. At this year’s CES, it also exhibited a Love series that allowed couples to deliver their “love code”, as well as a Time Memory collection that enabled them to store and unveil good times.  It had completely refreshed the stereotypical understanding and impression of common wearable products and the design of “black and white plastic silicone”.


With 50 years’ history, CES is hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).  It is one of the largest-scale, highest-level and most influential consumer electronics exhibitions in the world. As early as 2016, TOTWOO won the CES Asia 2016 “Best Startup Company Award” in Shanghai as a fashion technology rising star. Around this time, it has won several awards in the fields of fashion, jewelry and innovation.


The global jewelry market exceeds $300 billion, according to public statistics.  In recent years, the the development of fashion jewelry has grown rapidly. And smart jewelry has become the most important industry focus for jewelry innovation.  In addition to some emerging startups, jewelry brands such as Swarovski, as well as fashion brands such as Michael Kors and Kate Spade have already launched smart jewelry. Buffett , who has never invested in technology stocks, announced his investment in smart jewelry ELA in 2017, saying that “incorporating technology is to meet the needs of the new era.”


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