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Totwoo’s app new function | Love Ranking

Lovers can accumulate the number of Twoo to unlock the love certificate! Beautiful and fun smart jewelry! Each smart jewelry in couple category have love rank function Try new features with your bae now Available on iOS & Android

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Totwoo Morse Code Bracelet

r Long – distance Connection A morse code rhythm of LOVE will send to your significant ones every time you tap the bracelets. Send your love and miss in a romantic way. Sleep Monitor The new morse code Bracelet adds sleep monitoring function, and you can also see the sleep of your partner after binding. Details Charger | the new charger fully fits the jewelry, which can effectively charge without shaking. Leather rope | the material of leather rope is softer, and three-point sensor is used to detect sleep quality. Subject | morse code of love on the surface, and I love your morse code on the back.

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