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Totwoo22 – Robot Andy Series Released!

Totwoo official website has new exquisite robot necklaces and Earrings - Robot Andy! In this series, Robot Andy is mainly made of Swarovski crystal, zircon and enamel. Also, this robot series took 4 months for product development & production to polish out fine design and bright color matching. Each robot has a complete story line, each story line can related to you. Jewelry is not only the decoration on the fitting, but also the comfort on the soul. There will be one which fits you! Shop now!

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What does a Goddess look like?

Sweet and confident She is a sweet little princess which is 100% satisfied with her beauty. She obeys her heart, looms her charm at any time and does not swim with the stream. If we use a product of Totwoo to describe this kind of Goddess: That must be the Wonderland-Bright Silver Necklace. Under the appearance of a girl's heart, there is a lot of heaven and earth inside, which can be gentle and changeable. Elegant and independent Beauty is not her trump card. She is cold in appearance, but hot in heart. She has the ability to fight against fate. She lives in silence. She is extremely calm and...

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