When technology meets fashion

As Totwoo makes its way up in the world, it has taken the interest of the beautiful and smart Von Vogue. She compares the jewelry to fit bit and apple watch, which she recognizes as bulkier, and more manly. The advantage of Totwoo is how it blends technology into a beautiful piece, to the point where the technological advantages are only noticeable to you. You may look stylish while keeping track of yourself, and all the while completing your look.

@keri_h said “Such an amazing product!! I was never into the fitbit because I couldn’t see myself wearing it everyday. However, this bracelet is so beautiful :)”


This is the substance we are talking about. It is something you wouldn’t mind wearing everyday because it’s beautiful. We want to enhance your look and your life. The Met gala which was held a few weeks ago is all about fashion and design. We intend for Totwoo to blend itself well with such occasions. It is ground breaking in both, the world of technology and fashion as they are generally uncommonly paired. We strive for an everyday little helper disguised as a beautiful, elegant, and absolutely fabulous by all means, jewelry piece.

It is geek meets chic.

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