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A Day With Totwoo

The moment you open your eyes, and start thinking about the day ahead of you, Totwoo is there, waiting to start the day with you…


The moment you step foot on the ground, it will notice your movement and start monitoring your daily activity. If you come back to bed and lazy it up, it is sure to let you know that you have been sitting for too long with a gentle reminder. You better listen to it before you get late for work!

As you move around and go outside, Totwoo will be able to let you know about your UV exposure and recommend a strength of sunblock. Your health is important and Totwoo takes care of that for you, one less thing to worry about.

Lunch time comes around and you’re not sure if you should indulge in that delicious looking piece of chocolate cake… Totwoo has been automatically calculating your caloric intake and your activity so you can check your tracker and see if you have reached your goals! It functions according to the goals you set for yourself. If you reach them, Totwoo will congratulate you on your success. We know that it’s everyday differences that really count, so we like to remind you to celebrate the little things.

Having a rough day? Gently touch or shake your jewelry to let your partner know you have been thinking of them and the paired recipient jewelry will vibrate or glow to let your partner know. They can then answer you by shaking their own. It’s a discrete and personal way to communicate with your significant other, without anyone else noticing. A little secret code of your own, whomever you choose to share it with.

With work finally over, you decide to liven up the night and go out. Be the life of the party with your own flashing light! You can create your own ray of sun shine by activating the shinning mode, which is sure to draw up some attention! It’s a fun way to open up a conversation as it is definitely eye catching and will make you the centre of attention!

As the night comes to an end, Totwoo needs to sleep and recharge too, because another full day is coming tomorrow.

Totwoo is essentially like a friend that looks out for you. It helps you stay healthy, helps you keep in touch and connected… It will grow with you and communicate with you, as well as be by your side through thick and thin, through good days and bad days. Weather things are boring or busy, it is there and makes its presence known in everyday it can.

Easier. Healthier. Shinier. Connected.

Totwoo is there for you.


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