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Love Lines of Communication

Communication is the first thing anyone can do to better their relationship and keep it growing strong. Distance is a huge inconvenience when it comes to keeping the flow going. It may be difficult but there’s many little ways to make the time apart easier…

As you may have guessed, Totwoo has conveniently come up with a romantic way to facilitate the sharing between loved ones. We believe in making love more accessible and the “magical connection” function helps us, help you.

Imagine your lover announcing the difficult news that he must leave overseas for a while. To cheer you up,  he surprises you with a beautiful piece from the weBloom collection. By wearing it, you will be wearing their heart with you at all times.

Every time you miss him, you may reach up to his gift and make him aware of your longing. He will receive the message through his own jewelry instantly and may respond back through a gentle shake of his own Totwoo… The simplicity of the gesture is unique. It is not disruptive in any manner and very discrete which makes it all the more romantic.

It is something that only you two will share when you pair up your jewelry together. A little secrete line of communication that no one else will know about, nor will they see it happening!

When you wear your Totwoo, it’s for more then just yourself. We thrive on making everyday little things easier and bringing people closer together is one of them. When you wear it, for a short moment, it will be as if you were still together, closer, and connected.

So do it for your relationship and reduce the strain of time spent apart.

Wear Totwoo in the name of love and affection.

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  1. Tomasz says:

    I think youve created some actually interesting points. Not as well many people would basically think about this the way you just did. Im truly impressed that theres so very much about this topic thats been uncovered and you did it so nicely, with so a lot class. Superior one you, man! Actually excellent things here.

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