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(NEW)ALWAYS 3.0 – Exclusive Golden Black Bracelets

Design concept The design concept of jewelry is the sun and moon. Boys give girls light like the sun; girls as the moon to give boys all lovely romance. Totwoo gives the sun and moon a romantic flash when they miss each other through the smart core in the jewelry. The sun and the moon miss each day, light is the most “reluctant” witness of love and miss. SHOP NOW Details When flashing, the sun, stars and moon show colorful flashes, implying colorful love. Women’s bracelet is inlaid with 30 exquisite zircons. Metal snake chain adjustable buckle design, adjust your own size. On the back, the famous...

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Let’s be Totwoo-gether!

Totwoo We bold Couple Necklaces  Love triangle theory - passion, intimacy and commitment. We hope that all lovers have a brave heart and are willing to go to the unknown future together with the one we love. There're many difficulties and challenges in the future, but with courage, you will be ready. The half circle design on pendant looks like one spontaneous hug – the embrace of two people forms a whole. SHOP NOW What is in the couple necklace set? We Bold – Pioneer White Necklace – Stainless steel & White agate We Bold – Knight Black Necklace – Stainless steel & Black Agate Functionality: Long-distance remote sensing Love code chat ...

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Totwoo couple bracelets
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1# that long-distance couples should NOT DO

1# Cold War The quarrel between couples is inevitable, and two completely independent people need to experience running-in after meeting each other. Communication is very important. When either side provokes the cold war, it is impossible to solve the contradiction by not communicating, not expressing his/her position and not responding. Especially for couples in long distance, they can only feel each other through words, simple pictures or videos. It is helpless to face the indifference of your lover. Two people who love each other will contact their lover in the right way. Enhance each other's feelings, to show your lover “I feel...

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