A New Smart Jewelry Collection from Totwoo – Wonderland

TOTWOO –  the leading global brand of smart jewelry, launched a new collection of Wonderland – social interactive wearable technology – in Hong Kong on April 18th, 2019.

This collect of exquisite pendants combines the artistic color of Murano of the renaissance with real-time interactive technology. Thus, to bring visual and perceptual impact to users through retro elements and modern technology.

The Wonderland collection pendant contains intelligent core – which realizes the information transmission between jewelry and mobile application through Bluetooth. Users can use Totwoo applications to store their own information, and can only open the database by binding the jewelry to secure information privacy.

However, users can also use forwarding to share their feelings, articles and pictures on social media. The jewelry will vibrate and flash reminders when shared information is liked by friends.

In order to highlight the lucky theme, jewelry design elements are taken from renaissance and added to the structure of contemporary architectural aesthetics. The venetian hand-made Murano and fine zircon is used in material with gold plating process.

Mats Wang, the founder and CEO of TOTWOO, said that TOTWOO used Chinese non-relic craft filaments to be embedded in smart jewelry and released a memory-storing Memory collection in London. This time, Totwoo use 1500 years’ historical Italian hand-made Murano with distinct colors to reflect various human aspirations.

The Wonderland collection is launched at the Global Sources – the world’s largest electronics procurement exhibition. Wearable technology industry is moving towards a more vertical and detailed direction. Also, it is a great innovation to the traditional jewelry industry for combining technology elements into jewelry.

Totwoo’s personalized function and avant-garde fashion jewelry design completely refreshed people’s inherent understanding of wearable products. Which is, wearable tech can be more than just pacing heart rate sleep monitoring and simple plastic silica gel design.

TOTWOO, co-founded by Mats Wang and Marco Dal Maso, an Italian jewelry designer in Milan, is the first brand that mass manufacture smart jewelry with the most styles and richest functions in the world. It has won more than ten innovation awards. At the World Resources Exhibition, The Bloom and Memory collection are also displayed. This is also the first time that they have demonstrated their full range of products in Asia after The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in the United States, which has aroused many people’s attention.

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