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New in: Totwoo E-Card

Preserve your precious memories with Totwoo E-card! Sending a thoughtful greeting card to accompany your Totwoo gift is easy and fun. If you wish to send one of our smart jewelry pieces as a present to your loved one, Totwoo lets you record a personal message to complement it.

Totwoo has built a new in-App function that lets you create a personal greeting message for that special someone who will receive your gift. With E-card function you can upload a photo or prerecord an audio/video clip that will be stored in Totwoo database. To start making a personal e-card, the sender should open the personal center, shake their phone and see this secret function.

Making a Totwoo card is easy: just open the App E-card function and upload a photo, audio or video clip that you will use to customize your greeting card. The function enables you to add text and to preview your greeting card before selecting the receiver. After finishing all steps click confirm: your card will be implanted into the Totwoo jewelry.  Your friend will enjoy the surprise after he/she connects the jewelry with App.

Totwoo App Version 1.1.4 helps you make a special greeting card, a perfect way to ensure your loved one will understand the meaning behind your gesture. The e-card can be customized with a neat photo, a fun video or audio greeting that amplifies the personal text message. The jewelry recipient will discover the surprise greeting at the moment when Totwoo is connected with its App.

You can now make someone happy with a personal birthday wish along with a glamorous and practical gift!

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