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Make a choice with Totwoo

Can’t decide? Totwoo helps you choose!
Technology has become such an essential part in everyone’s life, it’s no wonder to see it involved in decision making. How many times have we not searched on Google answers to our existential dilemmas? Today, when we are expected to make so many decisions in a day from simple choosing matters to more complicated stuff we seek outside help. Our friends may not be available when we need them so we turn to our tech helpers for a quick aid.




If you have a Yes or No question, Totwoo will give you the much needed answer instantly. First, concentrate on the question, then gently shake or knock on the jewelry. Totwoo will make the decision for you and the answer will appear on your phone app. Works like magic every time! You can use it to choose from indulging with another piece of pie at desert or not and it’s a fun way to look at big life decisions. Things are meant to be taken a little easier with Totwoo.


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