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Smart Jewelry By Travelsize Supermodel

California-based fashion blogger Lauren Calaway tenaciously worked her way up the modelling industry despite being only 5 ‘ 2”, proving that looks and talent do wonders when combined with hard work and promoting skills. On her blog, titled after her nickname, she chronicles her style adventures ranging from dark bohemian to retro classic, from sultry athletic to city glam and everything in between.

With an undeniable beauty and the ability to make any style look good Lauren is one of the fashion influencers that sparks a wide reaction with every post she makes on social media. An adventurous spirit Lauren’s favorite hobby is fire dancing so there is no wonder she ignites the admiration of so many people.

We asked her to try one of our smart jewellery pieces and let her fans know about how she would envision the perfect outfit to go with her Totwoo necklace. A glamorous girl at heart Lauren chose an alluring dress to best showcase our sparkling piece. Beautiful and romantic, Lauren’s favorite person to connect with through her Totwoo piece would be her beloved husband. Check out the rest of our interview with Lauren Calaway here.

Lauren chose WISDOM, a splendid 925 silver piece, with 18k white gold plating and topaz stone embellishment. When in party mode, the jewelry can be switched it to “shining” mode and it will flash continuously a pretty blue-green light. Lauren’s shinning personality can now be fully expressed with her sparkling new gadget!

Totwoo’s shining mode is our way to put a spark in your daily life. At the end of the day, when work is finally over, you can brighten up your nightout with your own flashing light.

You can create your own “sun ray” by activating the shining mode, which is certain to draw some attention! This is a cool way to start a conversation as it is definitely eye catching and you’ll become quickly the center of attention!

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