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Let’s be Totwoo-gether!

Totwoo We bold Couple Necklaces 

Love triangle theory – passion, intimacy and commitment.

Totwoo Couple agate necklaces

We hope that all lovers have a brave heart and are willing to go to the unknown future together with the one we love. There’re many difficulties and challenges in the future, but with courage, you will be ready.

The half circle design on pendant looks like one spontaneous hug – the embrace of two people forms a whole.


Totwoo Couple agate necklaces

What is in the couple necklace set?

We Bold – Pioneer White Necklace

– Stainless steel & White agate

We Bold – Knight Black Necklace

– Stainless steel & Black Agate


  • Long-distance remote sensing
  • Love code chat
  • Steps tacking
  • Call notification
  • App notification
  • Break Reminder

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