Totwoo Lollipop Smart Necklace

It’s like loving you. Every moment with you is memorable to taste.


Totwoo lollipop necklace

Design concept

Every girl has a romantic girl’s heart. This pendant is inspired by lollipop, which matches childhood memories with fashion jewelry and is full of sweet and lovely colors. With it, you can feel love and tenderness every day.

Lolli Mint SodaDetails:
The top half of the lollipop is made of jewelry grade ceramic. This kind of ceramic contains trace elements, which can emit infrared rays beneficial to human body at room temperature, and will give out dreamlike halo when emitting light.

Lolli Mint SodaFunctionality:
Long-distance remote sensing, Steps tacking, Menstrual reminder, Call notification, Custom alert, Selfie Remote, Private diary

Long – distance Connection:
Double tap to send “I miss you” ; Triple tap to send “I love you”. Every time you receive the miss from my family, love and friends, the lollipop will flash and vibrate. No matter how far away it is, every miss can be delivered to you in time.

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