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Totwoo Smart Jewelry | Moonlight Smart Necklace

totwoo moonlight necklace

Design Concept

The design inspiration comes from Grimshaw’s famous painting “under the Silver Moonlight”. Moonlight necklace uses the colors of sunset, night sky & forest to reflect the silver moon, symbolizing a series of beautiful things as purity, love & reunion. The necklace shines gently & cleanly like the brightness of the moon. From then on, the moonlight roamed will light all the way.Moonshine smart necklaceMaterials

  • Moonshine Necklace: Zircon, Mother Shell, Purple enamel & Rhodium plated copper
  • Night Sky Necklace: Zircon, Mother shell, Black enamel & Copper plated 18K GoldNight Sky Necklace


  • Music Flash
  • Menstrual Reminder
  • Steps tracking
  • Selfie remote
  • Call & App notification

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